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Ameron Protective Coatings is now:

PPG Protective Coatings

Ameron’s protective coatings are available through Corro Therm. This company manufacturers an array of industrial coatings. Amerlock® is Ameron’s low VOC, fast-dry epoxy and can be applied direct-to-metal. If you need to apply a polyurethane topcoat, Ameron’s Amershield® completes the system.

Ameron’s Amercoat® line offers a wide variety of epoxy, alkyd and polyurethane coatings. Its PSX® product line is made of several engineered siloxane coatings, which are available in a variety of colors.

Amerlock® 400

Amerlock® 400 is a low VOC epoxy that can be used direct-to-metal and is available in many colors. It can be applied to tightly adhering rust and old paint and provide a high degree of chemical and corrosion resistance. Perfect for complex plant and offshore corrosion problems.


Amershield® is polyurethane top coat that can be applied direct-to-metal or concrete in protected environments. For added protection, we recommend combining with Amerlock®. This coating provides outstanding weather resistance as well as chemical and stain resistance.

Siloxane Coatings by PPG – PSX 700

PSX is a line of engineered siloxane coatings. PSX 700 provides the high performance of an epoxy and a polyurethane in one coat. It can be applied direct-to-metal or over inorganic zinc primer. Need weather resistance and corrosion control? Check out PSX 700.