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Coating Sales

PPG Ameron Paint & Marine Coatings

Ameron Protective & Marine Coatings has a broad spectrum of durable and chemical resistant coatings. As a distributor, Corro Therm has the full support of Ameron’s technical staff. Ameron products have proven quality and performance capabilities.

If you need a zinc-based primer, an epoxy coating, a urethane top coat or a high temp coating, all you need to do is contact us. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you in getting the coating you require for your project.

Carboline Paint & Coatings

Corro Therm offers Carboline’s industrial coatings. Carboline has a wide variety of coatings from epoxies to polyurethanes. We have access to Carboline’s technical staff that can assist in finding the right coating to support your project.

Are you looking for a coal tar epoxy, fireproofing coating, tank lining or coating that will see extreme temperatures? Don’t worry! We are just a phone call or click away from assisting you with all your coating needs.

Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands

Corro Therm expands its ability to provide you with another great option for your protective coating requirements by offering Rust-Oleum’s Industrial Brands. The technical staff at Rust-Oleum is always available to help us solve your coating issues and answer questions.

Maybe you need a superior rust inhibitor! If so, contact us and we’ll check into Rust-Oleum’s High Performance coating systems. This product line offers epoxies, alkyds and acrylics.

Specialty Coatings Made by Corro Therm

  Ceramically bonded aluminum filler
  Ryton®-based (PPS) coating
  Aluminum-filled ceramic coatings
  Coricone 1700 Metal Sealer for non-ferrous metals