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Carboline Paint & Coatings

Carboline offers a wide range of corrosion resistant coatings and primers – from epoxies and alkyds to acrylics and polyurethanes. Many of these products can be color matched to your requirements.

Carboline’s Thermaline coatings are made for areas that will see extreme temperatures. When used with Carbozinc primers this system can provide outstanding long-term performance. Carboline’s self-priming epoxy is Carboguard 890, which is a high-build epoxy mastic.

CarboZinc 11 Primer

Carbozinc 11 series coatings are inorganic zinc-based coatings. Carboline offers this coating in a variety of forms such as high build, low VOC or water-based.

Thermaline 4700 Heat Resistant Coatings

Thermaline 4700 is one of the several high temperature coatings that Carboline offers. This coating is suitable for service between 400°F to 1000°F.

Carboguard 890 Epoxy Mastic Coating

Carboguard 890 is a highly chemical resistant epoxy mastic coating. It is self-priming, can be used as a primer, and comes in a wide range of colors.