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Specialty Coatings

Specialty Coatings Made by Corro Therm

In addition to the full line of Ameron, Carboline and Rust-Oleum coatings, Corro Therm offers a unique range of specialty coatings.

Do you need the releasing advantages of Teflon, but need a coating that is more durable?  Our CT-500 Series coating might be you’re answer. This coating is Ryton®-based, which provides a more hard-wearing coating.

If you’re project requires high temp corrosion resistance, the CT-33 Series coating may be what you need. These coatings are aluminum-filled ceramic coatings.  They provide protection up to 1100oF, are single components, and are water soluble for easy clean up.

Are you looking for a low cost alternative to conversion coating or non-spec anodizing? A great alternative is applying Coricone 1700 Metal Sealer®.  This product meets corrosion resistance requirements of several MIL specs including MIL-C-82594 and MIL-C-5541.

Have you been experiencing voids in your castings that will show once coated? Corro Therm’s CT-334 ceramically bonded aluminum will fill the defects and allow you to coat without additional high costs. This filler does not crack, shrink or lose adhesion.


Ceramically bonded aluminum filler
Ryton®-based (PPS) coating
Aluminum-filled ceramic coatings
Coricone 1700 Metal Sealer for non-ferrous metals

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