CARC stands for Chemical Agent Resistant Coating and is used by the US Military.
It is a four-part process, which includes cleaning, pretreating, priming and top coating.
These processes all need to meet specific Military Specifications (Mil Specs).

For example, the cleaning process must meet Mil Spec TT-C- 490 requirements.
A pretreatment can be either Zinc Phosphate, anodize or wash primer.
The Zinc phosphate will follow the details in TT-C-490 while DOD-P-15328 is a wash primer.
These two steps of cleaning and pretreating are generally used throughout the coating industry.

Epoxy primers are used for corrosion prevention. MIL-PRF-23377 is used for non-ferrous
metals while MIL-PRF-53022 can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
These coatings are then top coated with either a Polyurethane coating (i.e. MIL-C-53039)
for exterior or an Epoxy top coat (MIL-PRF-22750) for interior.  These are just a few
of the several coatings used in the CARC system.

Corro Therm can help you with any of your CARC system requirements. We do not Zinc
Phosphate or anodize. However, our coating staff is very familiar with the wash primers,
epoxy primers and the top coats required for CARC systems.

When you need a coater to assist in getting the job done right, contact
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