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10 Jun

CORRO THERM UPDATE, Your Coating Specialist!

It has been one crazy year for everyone and We do hope you are well. Many changes took place, and Corro Therm has gone through some changes too! As of August, 2020, Corro Therm is under new management. We are now part of Nyprak Industries and partners with a coater based out of Allentown, PA

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03 Mar


CARC stands for Chemical Agent Resistant Coating and is used by the US Military. It is a four-part process, which includes cleaning, pretreating, priming and top coating. These processes all need to meet specific Military Specifications (Mil Specs). For example, the cleaning process must meet Mil Spec TT-C- 490 requirements. A pretreatment can be either

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29 Nov

Booth and Oven Installed at CORRO THERM

CORRO THERM HAS EXCITING NEWS! We’ve upgraded our facility with a larger booth and oven! Over the past year, we have installed another large spray booth to accommodate larger parts. This allows us to powder and wet spray large parts! In addition, we have added a 20’ long x 10’ x 10’ size oven.  This oven

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28 Dec

Corro Therm Is Now ITAR Registered!

It’s official, we are happy to announce that effective November 30, 2015 Corro Therm is ITAR registered. As we grow in our success with working with many companies invoiced with Government and Military contracts Corro Therm realized the need to make sure our company was ITAR registered. This registration allows us to be competitive in

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20 May

Your Corrosion Protection Connection!

Over the past 40 years Corro Therm has provided coating services for many companies, big and small. Our shop applies all types of coatings for corrosion protection for a wide range of industries. Industrial coatings are applied for corrosion resistant as well as high temperature resistant. These coatings are available in powder or wet spray.

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09 Apr

You’re industrial coatings connection!

For the past 2 decades Corro Therm has been a Distributor of Corrosion Resistant coatings. Since we apply protective coatings, it was only natural for us to make these industrial coatings available to our customers.   Corro Therm is a Distributor of the following coating brands.   Ameron Marine & Protective Coatings Carboline Coatings Rust-Oleum

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20 Feb


Welcome and thanks for visiting our new and improved website! We are excited about the new look and feel of it. After your visit, we hope you’ll agree that it’s more user friendly. Stay tuned as we continue to improve this site. Coming soon: Specialty Coating data sheets.

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