You’re industrial coatings connection!

For the past 2 decades Corro Therm has been a Distributor of Corrosion Resistant coatings. Since we apply protective coatings, it was only natural for us to make these industrial coatings available to our customers.
Corro Therm is a Distributor of the following coating brands.
Ameron Marine & Protective Coatings
Carboline Coatings
Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands
The benefits of being a distributor is having the technical personnel from these companies available to us for any questions that might arise for the out-of-the-ordinary project.
Epoxies, polyurethanes, alkyds and zinc rich primers are all available. Need an industrial coating that can save time and costs? A direct-to-metal product may be the answer.
If you’re not sure what you require for your project, send us an email to with all the information. We’ll be glad to assist in getting the proper industrial coating to meet your specifications.

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